To apply to any endeavour in life

  • Entrepreneurship: The Spirit of Adventure – This link to CFEE’s entrepreneurship program includes 30 entrepreneur profiles and a wide range of video-based advice. Over eight hours of total video plus accompanying print material.
  • Catching the Wave – This is the CFEE website “Catching the Wave: Framework for Youth Entrepreneurship Success.
  • Futurpreneur Canada – Futurpreneur Canada (formerly CYBF) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to growing our economy one entrepreneur at a time. Its mission is to play an integral role in the entrepreneurship experience of Canadians 18-39 by providing financing, mentoring and tools that will help them build sustainable businesses and create value.
  • Startup Canada – Startup Canada is a grassroots network of entrepreneurs working together to build an environment for entrepreneurship in Canada.
  • Finance and Wealth Creation Games – U.S. site: Future entrepreneurs can access this website for free lessons on finance and wealth creation. All lessons are taught by Toki using four financial games. Games are designed around levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12. For instance, Ima’s Pay Yourself First,” teaches about using your money wisely. This site contains ads.
  • Grow Your Money – U.S. site: This site teaches kids about growing their money. It talks about how interest and time can grow your money.  Different kinds of investments are explained, stocks and bonds, securities and mutual funds.  It is sponsored by Maryland Public Television.