Sources of money – including employment and self-employment

  • Getting and Earning Money – These are links to chapters of CFEE’s book “Money and Youth” that focus on employment and self-employment.
  • Money and Youth – A website produced by the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education.
  • Kids Money Topics – U.S. site: This site has a variety of money topics: jobs, allowances, spending, investing, credit.
  • Money and Kids – U.S. site:  Pearson Education, Inc. – Many money topics are covered in this site: e.g. earning an allowance for doing chores, savings and spending, etc.
  • Money Management Games – U.S. site: Ten games to teach money management skills. e.g. Financial Football and Check It Out.
  • Road Trip to Savings Game – U.S. site: Practical Money Skills – A game called “Road Trip to Savings.” Players must make decisions about income, expenses and savings.


  • Entrepreneurship: The Spirit of Adventure – This link to CFEE’s entrepreneurship program includes 30 entrepreneur profiles and a wide range of video-based advice. Over eight hours of total video plus accompanying print material.