Protecting, You, Your Family, and Your Possessions

Component: Protecting Money & Assets | Grade Level: Grade 9-10

Learning Targets:

Targets for knowledge, skills, and behaviours below are possible targets. It is not expected that all will be covered by a single Teaching Unit. Teachers can select their learning targets using the Teaching Units provided (to the right), adaptations of these Teaching Units, or Units/Lesson Plans they develop on their own.


  • The risks of losing the ability to earn an income – e.g. because of injury, disability, illness, death
  • The risks property and other assets face – loss, theft, damage, destruction
  • How insurance can be used to reduce and manage risk
  • Types of insurance
  • Who sells insurance
  • The different types of life insurance
  • Sample costs for insurance – for a car, house, etc.
  • Factors that can affect the cost of insurance
  • The concept of identity theft


  • Estimate one’s own “lifetime earning potential”
  • Seek out and buy insurance when needed
  • Link levels of risk with different costs for insurance
  • Estimate the cost of auto insurance
  • Compare costs of insurance for different young drivers


  • Acquire sufficient insurance as they acquire assets over time
  • Acquire adequate insurance, as and when needed, to protect family members if death, disability, or disease should affect ability to earn income
  • Assign an appropriate amount of a budget to acquire adequate insurance protection when it is needed
  • Protect their identity and control what happens to personal information and material
  • Review contracts and legal documents carefully

Teaching Unit:

Protecting, You, Your Family, and Your Possessions

Over the course of life, people have, or acquire, things of value. It is important to learn how to protect things in life that are valuable – including loved ones, oneself, and the ability to earn an income.

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