Using and Caring for Our Resources

Component: Production of Goods & Services | Grade Level: Grade 4-6

Learning Targets:

Targets for knowledge, skills, and behaviours below are possible targets. It is not expected that all will be covered by a single Teaching Unit. Teachers can select their learning targets using the Teaching Units provided (to the right), adaptations of these Teaching Units, or Units/Lesson Plans they develop on their own.


  • Countries have different types, quantities, and quality of  resources
  • Examples of natural, labour, capital, and technology resources that are available for production
  • All resources are limited
  • Some resources are renewable and some are not
  • Resources are combined to make goods and services that people need and want and are willing to buy
  • By “specializing” it is possible to produce more, and better, goods and services
  • Specializing leads to the need for “exchange” and “interdependence”
  • Needs, wants, challenges, and problems create opportunities for businesses


  • Combine resources to see how a product is produced or a service is provided
  • Provide examples of businesses in their community and the goods or services that they provide
  • Provide examples of goods or services that are provided by governments in their community
  • Identify an “opportunity” in their school or community – something that people need, want, or see as a problem


  • Consider new and better ways of combining and using resources they have
  • Consider the possible effect of their decisions on others and the environment
  • Act on an opportunity of any size when they see it – in their class, school, home, community
  • Work well with others to try and address an opportunity

Teaching Unit:

Using and Caring for Our Resources

Students need to appreciate that “everything comes from something” and that various types of resources (renewable and some non-renewable) are needed in order to produce the goods and services that people need and want in life.

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