Helping Kids Prepare for their Financial Future

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Goal: Support Manitoba teachers in their efforts to help prepare students to undertake their future economic and financial decisions and actions with confidence and competence.

The “Building Futures” project aims to integrate a basic economic and financial education into the Manitoba curriculum in grades 4-10. Manitoba is the lead province for The Building Futures project. The project is now underway in Saskatchewan and Ontario as well.

The project also aims to help teachers develop students’ enterprising skills – ones that they can apply to any activity in life. …read more

Suggested Teaching Units

  • Money & Decision Making

  • Spending & Saving Money

  • Production of Goods & Services

  • Getting & Earning Money

  • Borrowing Money & Using Credit

  • Budgeting, Planning & Goal Setting

  • Investing Money

  • Protecting Money & Assets

  • The Economy: Basics/Key Issues

  • Economic Citizenship

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Professional Development

The following links are provided to support teachers with research, surveys, data, etc. related to economic, financial, and enterprising capability.


Controlling spending with David Chilton and Rob Carrick